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House sparrow by Darin Smith

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Suffolk Wildlife Trust
Brooke House

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01473 890089 | Email

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm?

Membership Manager Nic Martin Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Membership enquiry?

Contact Nic Martin, our Membership Manager

01473 890089


Suffolk Wildlife Magazine enquiries:

Contact our Editor, Lucy McRobert

Who's who

Chief Executive Officer -?Christine Luxton

Conservation Team

Head of Property and Projects?-?Steve Aylward


Head of Conservation?- Ben McFarland


Advisory Team

Conservation Manager?- Dr Simone Bullion?(PT)

Conservation Advisers

Water for Wildlife??– Penny Hemphill (PT)
Community Wildlife??– Tracey Housley (PT)

Conservation Planning

Biodiversity & Planning Officer - Jacob Devenney
Conservation Planner?- Jill Crighton (PT)

Ecological Consultancy (SWT Trading Ltd)

Consultancy Manager?- Dr Simone Bullion (PT)

Jill Crighton (PT)
Alison Looser (PT)

Blyth River Catchment Advisor?– Alice Wickman
Grazing Manager?– Jane Barber
Farming Wildlife Advisor?– Sam Hanks
Conservation & Reserves Adviser -?Susan Stone (PT)

North East Suffolk Team

Sites Manager?– Matt Gooch

Warden?- Jamie Smith
Assistant Warden?- Daniel Doughty
Broads Warden?- Ellen Shailes
Lound Lakes Warden?- Andrew Hickinbotham

South East Suffolk Team

Sites Manager?– Andrew Excell

Meadows & Heaths Warden?– Ben Calvesbert
Trimley Marshes?Warden?– Charlie McMurray
Conservation Volunteer Team Leader?– Steve Hook?
Sizewell Belts Warden?– Carl Ansell
Sizewell Belts Assistant Warden - Rachel Norman

West Suffolk Team

Sites Manager - Will Cranstoun

Reserve Assistant?- Joe Bell-Tye
Woodlands Warden?– Giles Cawston
Woodlands Warden Assistant?– Laurie Stearn
Valley Fens Warden?– Richard Young
Valley Fens Reserves Assistant?- Debs Crawford



Head of Learning?–Sara Holman (PT)

Learning Development Officer?– Bev Rogers (PT)
Adult Learning?– Claire Rowan (PT)
Wild Learning Officers:
Carlton Marshes
?– Joanna Shackleton
Foxburrow Farm?- ?Cathy Smith / Emma Keeble (Both PT)
Lackford Lakes??– Sophie Mayes
Redgrave & Lopham Fen??– Deborah Key (PT)
Bradfield Woods?- Joanne Atkins (PT)
Knettishall Heath Ranger?- Sam Norris
Ipswich?- Lucy Shepherd
Rendlesham Forest?- Charlie Zakss

Community Fundraising?

Community Fundraising Manager?- Michael Strand

Membership Development Officer -?Shaun Norris

Lackford Lakes Visitor Officers
Mike Andrews
Hawk Honey (PT)

Membership Manager (for membership, Direct Debit and Gift-Aid enquiries) – Nic Martin

Membership Assistant -?Hannah Hinchley? (FT)

Communications & Funding?

Communications Manager – Sarah Groves?(FT)

Grants Officer - Josh Archer (FT)

Design Manager?–?Clare Sheehan?(PT)

Digital Communications Officer?–Jane Eade (PT)

Carlton Visitor Experience & Centre Manager - Louise Gregory (FT)

Carlton Visitor Experience Officers

Josephine Leng


Business Support

Head of Business Support?– Sarah Meyer

Finance Officer?- Bridget Aldis
Finance Officer (SWT Trading)?- Liz Jones (PT)

Reception Team

Reception Team Manager - Nikki Wilkinson

Receptionists -?Gemma Foreman, Carole Wilson? & Claire Rowan (All PT)