War is on the Horizon

Can the old gods survive in a world that lacks faith? What chance to they have against the new American gods? Dan, Kate and JR. are your guides to the wild and strange world of STARZ amazing new series AMERICAN GODS.

New episodes every Wednesday, of course!

Mr. Wednesday - Jun 21, 2017

Come to Jesus (S01E08)

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Episode 6 – A Murder of Gods

Know Your Gods: Vulcan. Mexican Jesus. The Leprechaun, Zombie and Not-jinn raise questions about what faithfulness looks like. Meanwhile, Wednesday’s meeting with Vulcan asks who we’re really worshiping. Is fear always the beginning of faith? 

Episode 5 – Lemon Scented You

Know Your Gods: Nunynnini, Odin, Mr. World. With Wednesday’s true identity revealed, the New Gods make him an offer. Is it one he can refuse? We talk the commodification of religion and the relationship between gods and humans.

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